How do I get BQA Certified in VA?

Level 1 Certification 

Option 1: Attend an In-Person Training (1-2 hours In-Person Instruction)

The first portion of the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Program is a classroom training session, called Level 1. This is comprised of a PowerPoint presentation, which gives producers an overview of the BQA Manual and the guidelines for participation. The classroom session focuses on the best management practices that certified producers follow, ranging from feedstuffs and preventative health programs to proper injection site locations and record keeping. It is designed to provide beef producers with the correct tools to ensure their cattle are produced in a manner that will result in a safe and wholesome product for the consumer. 

Option 2: Complete the online program found on the National BQA Website (3-4 hours self-guided online instruction)  

Level 2 Certification

The second portion of the BQA program is the chute-side training session. This is the “hands-on” part of the training where producers can participate in cattle handling demonstrations and learning the correct method to properly administer vaccines and antibiotics when appropriate – the goal being to create the least amount of tissue damage, while ensuring the animal’s well-being. This portion of the training also gives producers the opportunity to talk to a veterinarian about proper drug handling and storage, as well as illegal residues and injection site lesions.  

Please refer to the Events page for future training dates within your region or contact your local Extension office to speak with a BQA Trainer. 

Each producer must be recertified every 3 years. 


Option 1:  Attend an In-Person Re-certification program. (45 minutes of instruction

In-Person Re-certifications are for producers who still hold a valid BQA certification and wish to renew their certification before it expires. Certifications are valid for 3 years. Re-Certification programs cover a variety of topics but are expected to contain at least 45 minutes of instruction.   

A few examples re-certification topics are: 

  • Low-stress animal handling clinics 
  • Herd health 
  • Managing transportation stress 
  • Impacts on management of carcass quality and bruising, etc.  

Option 2: Complete the online program found on the National BQA Website (3-4 hour time commitment)